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Solar thermal energy has the potential to supply a significant fraction of the world’s energy needs if we learn to harness it effectively and to store its energy for use when we have times of high demand. An Australian company has been working on a technology that may be able to do just that. Solar Fusion Power has designed a complete system which can absorb the sunlight during the day and produce continuous, cost competitive, electricity...


 solar energy electricity chemistry thermal
A square patch of desert 96 miles wide can power the USA with all the electricity it needs.


 USA solar power energy
By developing a new antireflective coating that boosts the amount of sunlight captured by solar panels and allows those panels to absorb the entire solar spectrum from nearly any angle, the research team has moved academia and industry closer to realizing high-efficiency, cost-effective solar power.


 solar energy reflection
A sustainable energy initiative that will start with a huge solar project in the Sahara desert has been announced by a consortium of 12 European businesses.


 Sahara solar power energy Europe
The world's first zero-carbon city is being built in Abu Dhabi and is designed to be not only free of cars and skyscrapers but also powered by the sun.


 United Arab Emirates sustainability solar energy desert city future
Japan has sent a sophisticated probe to Venus study its atmosphere in unprecedented detail.


 Japan Venus volcano lightning greenhouse gas wind solar sail space travel
A Japanese construction firm, has recently proposed a plan to harness solar energy on a larger scale than almost any previously proposed concept. Their ambitious plan involves building a belt of solar cells around the Moon’s 6,800-mile (11,000-kilometer) equator, converting the electricity to powerful microwaves and lasers to be beamed at Earth, and finally converting the beams back to electricity at terrestrial power stations. The Luna...


 solar energy Moon Japan electricity sustainability microwave
The inventor of a low-cost solar cell that could be used to build electricity generating windows has been awarded this year's Millennium Technology Prize.


 glass window electricity solar sustainability nanotechnology photosynthesis energy
Japanese scientists are celebrating the successful deployment of their solar sail, Ikaros.


 Ikaros solar sail propulsion space travel interstellar
It is the picture that confirms Japan's Ikaros solar sail is fully extended and ready for the next part of its mission. ... The project team will be particularly concerned to keep the sail fully extended and flat. Rather than employ rigid booms or ribs to do this, Ikaros simply spins, making one or two revolutions per minute.


 sail solar light photon space travel Ikaros
The developers of a solar lamp that aims to replace kerosene-burning lights in developing countries have won a prestigious environmental award.


 solar energy lamp environment Kerosene
The Oriental hornet has a unique ability to harvest solar energy, scientists have discovered. The large wasp species has a special structure in its abdomen that traps the sun's rays, and a special pigment that harvests the energy they contain. The discovery helps explain why these hornets have a large yellow stripe across their body and why they become more active as the day gets hotter. It also changes our understanding of how insect...


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