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Arsebook is an anti-social utility that connects you with the people YOU HATE.
 hate social network Facebook arse
Foursquare and others utilise the GPS technology in a user's smartphone to pinpoint exactly where that person is. It alerts friends to their whereabouts and gives them valuable information about what is happening around them.


 big brother social network GPS advertisement
In 1968, pop artist Andy Warhol declared that in the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes.


 Internet communication social network fame Andy Warhol surveillance
Your online traces are helping fuel a revolution in the understanding of human behaviour – one that's revealing the mathematical laws of our lives. Every move you make, every twitter feed you update, somebody is watching you. You may not think twice about it, but if you use a social networking site, a cellphone or the internet regularly, you are leaving behind a clear digital trail that describes your behaviour, travel patterns, likes...


 social network behaviour popular mathematics prediction big brother future social control sociology
Nothing said online is really private, says Bill Thompson.


 privacy social network Twitter
Facebook is celebrating its 500-millionth user, but the social media application has had wide consequences, even for those who have never signed on.


 Facebook social network growth social trend Internet
Social network giant Facebook has announced that it has registered its 500 millionth member - one in 13 of the entire global population.


 Facebook social network