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There is a tradition in parts of Nepal of keeping women in cow-sheds during their period.


 social and cultural anthropology
Three-quarters of India's billion-plus population still live in villages. This is changing. Every year, two million people leave the countryside for the towns. Most end up in slums.


 social and cultural anthropology
A conservation expedition to a remote area of Paraguay poses a risk to isolated tribal groups, according to an indigenous peoples' protection group.


 Paraguay indigenous tribe expedition social and cultural anthropology
Lying in the Atlantic Ocean, 40 miles or so north-west of the Outer Hebrides, St Kilda is home to about one million breeding seabirds, which come to the islands each spring to breed and raise their young. But for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years, the UK archipelago was also home to "the bird people". This extraordinary group of men, women and children lived what amounted to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, right into the early...


 Scotland Outer Hebrides bird social and cultural anthropology culture food history hunter-gatherer St Kilda
The Sorte mountain, in Venezuela's western state of Yaracuy, is considered a sacred place by the faithful followers of Maria Lionza - a syncretic religion blending African, indigenous, and Catholic beliefs. Every year, thousands of her worshippers travel there to make offerings to the indigenous goddess and conduct spiritual healing rituals in the forest. While 90% of Venezuelans are nominally Catholic, Maria Lionza is now considered...


 Catholic Church Venezuela religion Africa indigenous worship goddess mother posession social and cultural anthropology spirit tobacco