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Children at Vienna State Opera's high-profile ballet academy were encouraged to smoke to control their weight, an investigation has found. It claimed that the young dancers had been exposed to harsh routines of training, practicing and performing.
 ballet smoking
Smokers are three times more likely to kick the habit for at least six months when they are paid up to $750, a new study has found.


 smoking bribe compensation
A survey of 3,300 pet owners found 28% of those who smoked would try to quit when told about the effects of passive smoking on their pets.


 smoking pet
A US jury has ordered tobacco giant Philip Morris to pay $8m to the widow of a lifelong smoker who died of lung disease. The jury in Florida decided in favour of Elaine Hess, whose husband Stuart died of lung cancer in 1997 at age 55. He had smoked for 40 years. The ruling could blaze a legal trail for 8,000 similar cases in Florida.


 cancer smoking compensation lung cancer
A ban on the sale of all tobacco products has come into effect in the remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.


 Bhutan smoking tobacco Himalaya
The Disney Studio has pledged to remove smoking from its family-oriented films.


 smoking education patronizing
Scientists identified three genetic mutations that increase the number of cigarettes people smoke a day. And several genes appear to dictate how likely you are to take up smoking and how easily you can quit.


 smoking genetics lung cancer
Controversial singer Doda is facing the prospect of doing two years behind bars for alleging that the Bible was written by people with a fondness for drinking too much wine and smoking herbal cigarettes.


 Poland religion insult wine smoking freedom of speech
Parents have been warned to watch out for signs of excessive texting in their children, amid concerns it poses a new health risk. Teenagers sending 120 text messages a day are more likely to drink, smoke and have sex, claims a US doctor.


 SMS risk sex smoking alcohol health mobile phone teenager
A Buddhist monk is likely to face five years in prison for violating strict anti-smoking laws in the tiny Himalayan nation of Bhutan.


 Bhutan smoking smuggling incredible monk Buddhism
Some of the toughest anti-smoking measures to be adopted in a major city have been approved by councillors in New York. The measures are set to extend a smoking ban to municipal parks, beaches and even Times Square.


 New York City smoking incredible park USA law