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"Besides, if you’re going to go sniffing things for relaxation, you might be better off putting your nose into a man’s armpit – at least if you’re female."


To avoid mating with a bird that smells too similar is to avoid mating with a bird that is related.


 animal mating smell similarity
Frogs learn to recognise the smell of their enemies while they are still developing as embryos, say scientists. Researchers in the US and Canada found that woodfrog embryos were able to learn the "level of threat" posed by their future predators - salamanders. Embryos put into water containing the odour of a salamander and the odour of injured tadpoles learned that the predator's smell was a threat. And the stronger the...


 embryo frog smell predator
Are elephants so smart that they can spot the difference when they hear people speaking different languages?


 animal intelligence elephant smell hearing cognition psychology brain
A body lay undiscovered under a sofa in a sheltered flat in Bristol for nearly 10 years.


 death corpse smell
Beijing is taking aim at its smelly rubbish tips - by using water cannons to fire smell-busting liquid on its worst-offending landfill sites. The arrival of warmer weather in the Chinese capital has caused more garbage to rot, leading to a nasty stench in various parts of the city.


 deodorant smell China Beijing cannon landfill waste cough
Cats, rats and other predators produce a chemical signal that terrifies mice, according to new research. Scientists in the US discovered that when mice detect specific proteins found in cat saliva and rat urine they react with fear. These proteins, called Mups, act on cells in a special sensory organ in the mouse, called the vomeronasal organ.


 smell pheromone cat mouse rat saliva protein detection fear predator
Researchers have discovered a type of brain cell that continuously regenerates in humans.


 brain cell neuroscience regeneration stem cell smell
A "sniffer tube" could replace dogs in the arsenal of tools to locate hidden graves.


 sniffing dog chemistry grave smell sensitivity