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Slavery in Niger is not an obscure thing, nor a curious relic of the past, it is an intrinsic part of society today. A Nigerian study has found that almost 8% of the population are slaves. ... The practice of slavery was outlawed in Niger last year. Trading in slaves has been banned in Niger since the days of the French colonists in the last century, but ownership of slaves was never specifically banned. Most slaves in Niger today are the...


 Nigeria slavery
The world must do more to confront the largely unstudied and neglected phenomenon of people-trafficking, the United Nations has said in a report. ... The report also points to a more basic problem: the lack of a common understanding of what human trafficking is, and whom it affects.


 slavery sex human trafficking
Members of the Cherokee Nation of native Americans have voted to revoke tribal citizenship for descendants of black slaves the Cherokees once owned.


 USA native American Cherokee racism slavery
Research into the family of US First Lady Michelle Obama has revealed that her great-great-great-grandmother was a slave given away at the age of six.


 genealogy slavery
Tombs discovered near Egypt's great pyramids reinforce the theory they were built by free workers rather than slaves.


 ancient Egypt pyramid slavery
A boy of 11 called a German police emergency line to complain of "forced labour" after his mother told him to help clean the home.


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