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New York officials have unveiled a revised design for the skyscraper that will replace the World Trade Center, following fears over security.


 New York City architecture skyscraper
Rising high through the polluted air of Guangzhou City in southern China is a 71-storey tower block which, according to its designers, will be the most energy-efficient in the world.


 China architecture skyscraper energy solar wind sustainability efficiency
The world's tallest building is set to be opened in the Gulf emirate of Dubai. More than 800m high and clad in 26,000 glass panels, Burj Dubai has 160 floors and more than 500,000 sq m of space for offices and apartments.


 Dubai skyscraper height architecture
The 110-storey landmarks that dominated the Manhattan skyline for nearly 30 years were reduced to rubble in the 9/11 suicide attacks of 2001. Thousands of people in the World Trade Center, and on the planes that crashed into them, lost their lives.


 skyscraper 9/11 New York City