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A cloned human embryo has been produced for the first time from a skin cell, raising the prospect that such embryos could be made to provide stem cells tailored to any patient.


 cloning stem cell human skin
Scientists have reversed the effects of ageing on the skin of mice by blocking the action of a specific protein.


 ageing genetics mice skin health
A more likely explanation is that we have brains that perceive rather than we have eyes that see and ears that hear.


 senses skin touch hearing language
Sensations on the skin play a part in how people hear speech, say Canadian researchers.


 human ear skin touch hearing toread
A newly-developed heat ray gun that burns the skin but doesn't cause permanent injury is now with US troops in Afghanistan.


 weapon heat ray Afghanistan military non-lethal skin
Plentiful skin moles may keep you younger on the inside, say scientists.


 skin regeneration skin mole cancer melanoma dermatology
Health experts are investigating the safety of fish pedicures after concerns that this latest pampering craze could spread infections. The treatment involves dunking the feet in tanks filled with Garra rufa fish that can nibble away dead skin.


 fish pedicure skin health disease foot
A unique image, for the first time, has mapped organic compounds that are still surviving in a 50-million-year-old sample of reptile skin.


 reptiles skin evolution fossil organic cloning tissue
Researchers believe this may be because the skin and blood vessels may share similar sources of inflammation.


 inflammation stroke blood vessel skin psoriasis health