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Eight people - all of them adults - have been shot and killed by a lone gunman in the US state of Virginia.


 USA shooting firearm
Twelve people have been killed and 25 injured by a gunman who opened fire in west Cumbria.


 murder random UK shooting
Chose the firing squad as his method of execution before it was banned by Utah in 2004. He was only the third man put to death in that way in the US since 1976.


 shooting execution death penalty USA Utah
A gunman has opened fire at random in a street in Slovakia's capital Bratislava, killing six people and injuring 14.


 murder random shooting Bratislava drug
In the latest incident of drug-related violence to hit the country, all 111 million citizens of Mexico were killed Monday during a shoot-out between rival drug cartels.


 Mexico mafia drug shooting
A Pakistani court has freed a US CIA contractor after acquitting him of two counts of murder at a hearing held at a prison in Lahore, officials say. Raymond Davis, 36, was alleged to have shot dead two men in the eastern city of Lahore in January following what he said was an attempted armed robbery. The acquittal came when relatives of the dead men pardoned him in court. They confirmed to the judge overseeing the case that they had...


 Pakistan CIA blood money robbery shooting killing Lahore USA
Nearly a century ago, Britain was accused of masterminding a failed plot to kill Lenin and overthrow his fledgling Bolshevik regime. The British government dismissed the story as mere Soviet propaganda - but new evidence suggests it might be true.


 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin assassination UK shooting World War I
Three US students in Texas have been injured after a six-year-old boy brought a loaded gun to school which accidentally discharged.


 school shooting USA
Taxis blocked off Brussels airport for several hours after an unlicensed driver was grazed by a police bullet during a chase, local media report.


 taxi police shooting Brussels airport
At least 84 people died when a gunman opened fire at an island youth camp in Norway, hours after a deadly bombing in the capital, Oslo, police say.


 Norway shooting terrorism massacre
Newly released recordings from civil and military aviation officials on 11 September 2001 shows the confusion as the attacks of that day unfolded. The audio includes a flight attendant's plea for help and discussions about an order from Vice-President Dick Cheney to shoot down rogue civilian planes.


 9/11 hijacking shooting airplane exercise secret