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Archaeologists have embarked on an epic search for an ancient fleet of Persian ships that was destroyed in a violent storm off Greece in 492 BC.


 ancient Greece Persia shipwreck
A French battleship sunk in 1917 by a German submarine has been discovered in remarkable condition on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea. The Danton, with many of its gun turrets still intact, is sitting upright in over 1,000m of water. It was found by the Fugro geosciences company during a survey for a gas pipeline between Algeria and Italy. The Danton, which sank with 296 sailors still onboard, lies 35km southwest of the island of...


 Germany France shipwreck Mediterranean World War I
Carefully preserved relics revealing what life was like on board Henry VIII's warship, the Mary Rose, have been revealed for the first time.
 shipwreck history toread
Divers have found 30 bottles of champagne thought to pre-date the French Revolution on the Baltic seabed. When they opened one, they found the wine - believed to have been made by Clicquot (now Veuve Clicquot) between 1782 and 1788 - was still in good condition.


 alcohol history bottle Baltic Sea shipwreck champagne wine France diving
New Zealand rescuers said it was not clear why the boat sank. Conditions were calm and no SOS was sent.


 Antarctica South Korea ship fishing New Zealand shipwreck
At least 27 people have died after a boat carrying suspected asylum seekers crashed into rocks on Australia's Christmas Island.


 refugee Christmas Island Australia asylum boat shipwreck
The crew of a Chinese trawler and a South Korean patrol boat have clashed, leaving one fisherman dead and two missing, South Korean officials say.


 China fishing South Korea shipwreck
It's been suggested women and children were not given priority for lifeboats when the Costa Concordia capsized. But are there rules governing who leaves a sinking ship first?


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