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Called Flattr, the micropayments system revolves around members paying a fixed monthly fee. At the end of each month that cash will be divided among participating sites a Flattr member wants to reward. Members might want to reward a band that made a track they liked, the author of a story they enjoyed or a site that gave useful advice.


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One of our closest primate relatives, the bonobo, has been shown to voluntarily share food, scientists report. This sort of generous behaviour was previously thought by some to be an exclusively human trait.
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Google has been forced to scale back its plans for a cloud-based music service. The company blamed lack of co-operation from the major record labels.


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Designed to compete with DropBox and other cloud-based file sharing services, Share allows a subscriber to share files with an unlimited number of personal contacts. Users can comment on files in real time while they are being shared, adding a social networking dimension to filesharing. Share has been built on Amazon’s EC2 and S3 services, according to GigaOm, which allows files to be cached in the cloud until the recipient has retrieved...


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Wikipedia plans to take its English-language site offline on Wednesday as part of protests against proposed anti-piracy laws in the US.


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... the emergence of "physibles," or downloadable data sets hosted on the Pirate Bay that would allow (potentially copyrighted) objects to be reproduced at home by 3D printers. The idea is that we won't just share music files or movie torrents, but actual physical objects; I could thus print an IKEA table or a Quistgaard peppermill at home, without ever purchasing an original object...


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File-sharing site The Pirate Bay has said that it will adapt rather than die as it faces legal blocks in the UK.


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