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US space agency Nasa has been left red-faced after selling off computers without ensuring that highly sensitive data had been removed.


 NASA embarrassment leak security computer data military weapon space shuttle
The conflict between Wikileaks supporters and the companies withdrawing their services from the whistle-blowing website has been dubbed a "cyber war". Activists have targeted firms such as PayPal, Mastercard and Visa for their opposition to the site's publication of thousands of secret US diplomatic messages. But there are fears the online battle could lead to everyday internet use becoming much more heavily regulated.


 WikiLeaks hacking activism freedom Internet net neutrality security
Freedom Box is the name we give to a personal server running a free software operating system, with free applications designed to create and preserve personal privacy. Freedom Box software is particularly tailored to run in "plug servers," which are compact computers that are no larger than power adapters for electronic appliances. Located in people's homes or offices such inexpensive servers can provide privacy in normal...


 freedom freedom of speech Internet server software open source privacy distributed computing security politics
A gang that made more than $72m peddling fake security software has been shut down in a series of raids.


 FBI software malware security fake hacking
The oft-repeated aphorism "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" could easily be applied to the world of computer hacking.


 hacktivist hacking security Internet culture activism terrorism freedom fighter
A law has come into force in Belgium banning women from wearing the full Islamic veil in public.


 Belgium veil Muslim burka niqab women rights security tradition culture
The Lulz Security hacking group that has claimed attacks on high-profile targets including the CIA and Sony in recent weeks has exclusively told the BBC's Newsnight programme that it wants to target the "higher ups" who write the rules and "bring them down a few notches".


 hacking ethics security Internet politics oppression resistance
More than four million PCs have been enrolled in a botnet security experts say is almost "indestructible".


 virus botnet security Internet
It lists 72 different organisations that were targeted over five years, including the International Olympic Committee, the UN and security firms.


 espionage hacking China security United Nations cyber attack
A row has broken out between Wikileaks and one of the newspapers it collaborated with to leak US diplomatic cables. The whistle-blowing group said unredacted versions of the 251,000 diplomatic cables had been leaked on the internet. Wikileaks blamed the disclosure on the Guardian newspaper and said it had started legal action against the paper. The newspaper has strongly denied the claims, blaming a "security breach". In a short...


 Wikileaks privacy security Guardian newspaper leak whistleblower password