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Nasa's Cassini probe has found evidence for seas, probably filled with liquid hydrocarbons, at the high northern latitudes of Saturn's moon Titan. The dark features, detected by Cassini's radar, are much bigger than any lakes already detected on Titan.


 ocean Moon Cassini Titan Saturn hydrocarbon lake liquid sea
The world's biggest passenger liner, the Queen Mary 2, has sailed into her home port of Southampton.


 travel sea liner ship transport
Officials in the former communist Czechoslovakia had planned to build an underground rail link under Austria to the Adriatic.


 Czechoslovakia tunnel sea beach Slovenia Yugoslavia
There is more than a whiff of Atlantis about the story of Pavlopetri - the world's oldest submerged town.


 archaeology city Greece sea
Research has revealed details of the catastrophic Zanclean flood that refilled the Mediterranean Sea more than five million years ago. The flood occurred when Atlantic waters found their way into the cut-off and desiccated Mediterranean basin. The researchers say that a 200km channel across the Gibraltar strait was carved out by the floodwaters. Their findings, published in Nature, show that the resulting flood could have filled the basin...


 Mediterranean sea ocean flood geology
A daring proposal to try to put a "boat" down on a sea of Saturn's moon Titan is about to be submitted to Nasa. The scientific team behind the idea is targeting Ligeia Mare, a vast body of liquid methane sited in the high north of Saturn's largest moon.


 Titan Saturn boat methane sea
It’s easy being green for a sea slug that has stolen enough genes to become the first animal shown to make chlorophyll like a plant.


 plant animal chlorophyll photosynthesis sea slug
The most likely birthplace for primordial life is now thought to be the fissures in the fresh basalt of the ocean floor through which, for billions of years, have gushed superheated brines rich in hydrogen sulphide and iron.


 evolution volcano sea
The ancestors of the current mammals found on the island of Madagascar could have been transported on floating vegetation from Africa, a study says.
 Madagascar migration float sea mammal toread
Study claimed in 2009 that sea levels would rise by up to 82cm by the end of century – but the report's author now says true estimate is still unknown.


 sea global warming climate change pseudoscience fraud corruption science false ocean glacier
Scientists have found the first animals that can survive and reproduce entirely without oxygen, deep on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea. ... Considering the implications of creatures which can exist without oxygen, she said that greater study of animal-microbe interactions in the extreme environment of Earth's oceans could help answer questions about the possibility of life existing on other planets with different atmospheres.


 extraterrestrial life animal oxigen biology Mediterranean sea life anoxic
A drilling rig leased by the oil company BP exploded and sank off the Louisiana coast last week. Some 1,000 barrels of oil a day are leaking into the sea from the damaged well, officials say. They say the oil leak has the potential to damage beaches, barrier islands and wetlands across the coastline.


 oil sea ocean drill oil rig environment spill USA
Deep sea fish species found in the north Pacific Ocean have mysteriously been caught in the southwest Atlantic, on the other side of the world. It is unclear how the animals, a giant rattail grenadier, pelagic eelpout and deep sea squid, travelled so far. Their discovery 15,000km from their usual home raises the possibility that deep sea currents can transport animals from one polar region to another.


 deep sea ocean fish Pacific Ocean travel migration