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Five lines of ancient script on a shard of pottery could be the oldest example of Hebrew writing ever discovered.


 ancient history writing Hebrew script
A series of hidden texts written by the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes are being revealed. Until now, the pages have remained obscured by paintings and texts laid down on top of the original writings. Using a non-destructive technique known as X-ray fluorescence, the researchers are able to peer through these later additions to read the underlying text. The goatskin parchment records key details of Archimedes' work, considered...


 mathematics writing script ancient Greece Archimedes
The internet is on the brink of the "biggest change" to its working "since it was invented 40 years ago", the net regulator Icann has said.


 script language Internet domain name ICANN
Users of scripts other than that in which English is written will soon have web addresses in their own language.
 Internet domain name toread script language
Using Google Transliteration you can convert Roman characters to their phonetic equivalent in your language. Note that this is not the same as translation — it's the sound of the words that are converted from one alphabet to the other.


 transliteration script linguistics tool Google
Net regulator Icann has switched on a system that allows full web addresses that contain no Latin characters.


 ICANN language script Internet domain name Arabic
A linguistic mystery has arisen surrounding symbol-inscribed stones in Scotland that predate the formation of the country itself.


 glyph script symbol Scotland linguistics archaeology language writing history
Difficult-to-read fonts make for better learning, according to scientists.


 font letter writing learning education script