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One unique aspect of reCAPTCHA is that data collected from the service is used to improve the process of scanning text, such as from books or newspapers. By using reCAPTCHA, you're not only protecting your site from spammers; you're helping to digitize the world's books.


 Google CAPTCHA SPAM security book digitization scanning
In the video below, you'll see how we use Goggles to take a picture of a German menu and instantly translate the text into English.


 image scanning OCR text translation
Mapping grey matter has led Richard Haier to think that neuroimaging could tell people what work will suit them best.


 career brain scanning prediction
Children's mental development could be recorded in much the same way we chart height and weight, say scientists.


 brain scanning development cognition neuroscience children psychology
Ultra-high resolution images of several Dead Sea Scrolls are now available on the web, after Google helped digitise the ancient texts.


 religion Google scanning Dead Sea scroll history
A 2,000-year-old copy of the 10 Commandments and other key religious manuscripts have been digitised and put online by the University of Cambridge.


 10 Commandments religion digitization scanning library