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Scientists say they have been able to tell which past event a person is recalling using a brain scan.


 brain scan memory mind reading
The brain is now being called the ultimate business frontier and technology is letting firms take a look inside our heads.


 brain scan advertisement mind reading marketing feedback
Scientists have devised a new way to peer into the inner workings of a live honeybee colony, without disturbing the insects inside. The technique, known as Diagnostic Radioentomology (DR), scans a beehive, taking a series of 3D images. This reveals in real-time how many bees are inside, where they are, and gives clues as to what they are doing. Such information could help scientists understand what is causing bee numbers around the world...


 bee honey colony scan monitor 3D
Measures are needed to stop brain scans being misused by courts, insurers and employers.


 brain scan lie abuse privacy mind reading
Scientists have used the latest imaging techniques to look inside a python that had just swallowed a rat whole. The resulting footage is part of a project using hi-tech scanning methods to explore animals' anatomy. It took 132 hours for snake to fully digest the rat, the scientists said. Their work has revealed other strange insights into python digestion.


 python snake rart digestion fasting scan