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Russia's next-generation manned space vehicle might be equipped with thrusters to perform a precision landing on its return to Earth. If accepted, it would be the first time that a manned vehicle relied solely on rocket engines for touchdown. Previous manned missions have landed on Earth using a parachute or, in the case of space shuttles, a pair of wings.


 landing space Russia rocket parachute
The US space agency (Nasa) has launched a prototype rocket designed to replace the ageing space shuttle.


 NASA rocket space travel
It's a curious beast, there's no doubt about that. A Dnepr launchesThe Dnepr rocket that will carry Europe's ice explorer Cryosat into orbit next month is quite unlike most satellite launch systems. But then most satellite launchers did not start out as nuclear missiles.


 space lauch rocket nuclear Russia
A group of Danish rocket enthusiasts trying to launch a dummy 30km into the sky had to abort the mission when a valve on their rocket jammed.


 rocket launch Denmark Copenhagen space amateur
The US National Reconnaissance Office has launched what is reputed to be the largest satellite ever sent into space.


 eavesdropping surveillance intelligence military rocket orbit espionage
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says he has located the long-submerged F-1 engines that blasted the Apollo 11 Moon mission into space.


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