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We are losing our political leaders and will continue to lose them until we come to terms with our basic biology. Leaders today are no more susceptible to violations of marital vows than were leaders of the past. But in this era of tabloids and texting, sexual scandals have become epidemic.


 biology sex drive testosterone risk politics hormone instinct human
Goldman Sachs is under criminal investigation for the way in which it sold complex mortgage-backed products to clients.


 Goldman Sachs bank USA criminal finance crisis risk speculation
Cycling the so-called world's most dangerous road is now one of the most popular activities for backpackers in Bolivia.


 bicycle travel Bolivia road death risk adventure tourism tourist trap
A US scientist has had all his DNA screened for genes which predict the diseases he may develop in later life.


 DNA genome sequencing medicine personal future risk
Parents have been warned to watch out for signs of excessive texting in their children, amid concerns it poses a new health risk. Teenagers sending 120 text messages a day are more likely to drink, smoke and have sex, claims a US doctor.


 SMS risk sex smoking alcohol health mobile phone teenager