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Six out of every 10 employees stole company data when they left their job last year, said a study of US workers. The survey said that so-called malicious insiders use the information to get a new job, start their own business or for revenge.


 data revenge stealing employee
The pilot of a plane which crashed into an office block in Austin, Texas, left a note expressing his anger at federal tax authorities, police say. Police are linking the apparent suicide note left online to Joseph Andrew Stack, the man named as the pilot. The note criticised the Internal Revenue Service - based inside the office block and declared: "Violence is the only answer."


 tax USA airplane suicide revenge
Security experts have found that many of the kits used by cyber criminals are riddled with bugs and vulnerabilities. Exploiting the bugs might mean that the attack tools can be turned against those using them. The bugs found by the researchers could be used to identify who is using the tools and even launch a counter-attack.


 revenge hacking security
A woman stabbed Labour MP Stephen Timms twice at a constituency surgery in revenge for his vote for the Iraq war.


 revenge invasion Iraq UK stabbing
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had a reputation for being suspicious and paranoid even before everyone was out to get him. Everyone, in this case, is the US - where government lawyers are hoping to prosecute on espionage charges - and the European Union, where he is wanted for questioning about an allegation of rape. As of Tuesday, Mr Assange has also been liable to arrest in any of the 188 member countries of Interpol - from Afghanistan...


 paranoia Julian Assange Interpol extradition WikiLeaks revenge espionage USA Sweden rape
The Swiss bank which froze the accounts of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is under electronic attack by WikiLeaks supporters. The website is being subjected to a distributed denial of service attack, rendering the site unusable by its customers and other visitors.


 bank distributed denial of service revenge WikiLeaks Julian Assange hacking Switzerland PayPal
Working out who carried out web attacks in support of Wikileaks would be easy.


 anonymity DDoS WikiLeaks revenge tracking
A member of the Anonymous group of hackers, which has been targeting firms it sees as being anti-Wikileaks has said the campaign is not over.


 activism revenge hacking WikiLeaks anonymity