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When Reddien and Petersen turned off the Smed-βcatenin-1 gene they discovered that a flatworm will regenerate a head at any amputation site. In fact, if the scientists made six incisions in the side of the worm’s body, the worm would regrow six new heads. The human implications of this research are enticing. Engineering a person’s body to replace damaged or diseased cells, tissues, organs, or even limbs is one possibility. This would be...


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US researchers have for the first time encouraged substantial regrowth in nerves controlling voluntary movement after spinal cord injury.


 mouse spinal cord nerve growth regeneration medicine paralysis
Researchers have discovered a type of brain cell that continuously regenerates in humans.


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Scientists say they have completely regenerated damaged optic nerves from the eye to the brain in mice.


 nerve regeneration eye neuroscience brain mouse
Plentiful skin moles may keep you younger on the inside, say scientists.


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