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The population of the Gaza Strip increased by almost 40% between 1997 and 2007, according to the results of a Palestinian census.


 Gaza Palestine overpopulation census refugee
The Lord's Resistance Army, once a Ugandan group, has driven tens of thousands from their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan since it launched a campaign of terror at Christmas.


 guerilla refugee Uganda Sudan
Israel has airlifted thousands of Jewish Ethiopian refugees out of Sudan, it has emerged. Operation Moses, which has been taking place in secret since 21 November 1984, has been suspended since news of the covert airlift became public. Press leaks have forced the Israeli Government to admit that about 8,000 Ethiopians fleeing famine-struck Ethiopia have now arrived in Israel. The Arab world has been angered by Khartoum's decision to...


 Israel Arabic refugee Sudan Jewish Ethiopia famine
He was known as "The Elephant Man" in the newspapers of the time - but only now has the full story of one of World War II's most remarkable rescues come to light.


 elephant river World War II Burma India refugee video history Japan
At least 27 people have died after a boat carrying suspected asylum seekers crashed into rocks on Australia's Christmas Island.


 refugee Christmas Island Australia asylum boat shipwreck