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US reconstruction efforts in Iraq were "grossly overburdened" by wasteful spending, according to a report by the special inspector general for Iraq.
 USA military Iraq reconstruction invasion
Fossil hunters have uncovered the remains of a dinosaur that has much of its soft tissue still intact.


 genetics dinosaur mummy fossil genome reconstruction cloning
Some scientists hold out hope that well preserved sperm or other cells containing viable DNA could be used to resurrect the mammoth. ... One population of mammoths lived on in isolation on Russia's remote Wrangel Island until about 5,000 years ago.


 mammoth genetics genome reconstruction cloning
The scientists in the film Jurassic Park reconstructed dinosaurs from DNA preserved in amber. That fiction is unlikely ever to become fact because DNA simply is not tough enough to survive in that way. But reconstructing a dinosaur from genes passed down the evolutionary tree to modern birds might be viable...


 dinosaur evolution DNA cloning reconstruction genetics
America's administrator in Iraq has warned that the country will need tens of billions of dollars to rebuild its shattered infrastructure.


 war profiteering War On Terror USA invasion Iraq reconstruction business
The United States administrator for Baghdad, Barbara Bodine, is returning to Washington amid criticism that vital services are not being restored quickly enough.


 Iraq USA invasion reconstruction War On Terror
Companies from countries opposed to the conflict in Iraq will be barred from bidding for new rebuilding contracts worth $18.6bn, the Pentagon has said. US Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said the policy was necessary to protect America's "essential security interests". The 26 prime contracts cover areas such as oil, power, communications, water, housing and public works centres. The ban would exclude firms from...


 war profiteering War On Terror USA reconstruction business incredible Pentagon invasion
A reconstruction has revealed the face of a medieval knight whose skeleton was discovered at Stirling Castle.


 UK Scotland knight face history reconstruction