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The snail, Hinea brasiliana, produces flashes of green light, which scare away predators. Its tiny "bioluminescent" body part is lodged permanently within its shell, but the shell amplifies the light, and the faint glow it produces illuminates the whole shell surface.


 animal light biology marine protection toread
Snails with shells that coil anti-clockwise are less likely to fall prey to snakes than their clockwise-coiling cousins, scientists have discovered. The arrangement of the snakes' teeth makes it difficult for the reptiles to grasp these "left-handed" snails. The effect of this advantage on the survival of Satsuma snails is so great, say the researchers, that they could separate into a distinct species.


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The Marshall Islands government has created the world's largest shark sanctuary, covering nearly two million sq km of ocean.


 ocean Marshall Islands shark protection marine reserve
It is likely communal living was adopted to protect against day time predators.


 social primate animal group human evolution protection
Parents will be able to control their child's mobile phone thanks to a SIM card remotely managed from a computer.


 SIM mobile phone child protection bullying control