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Details of an entirely new kind of electronic device, which could make chips smaller and far more efficient, have been outlined by scientists.


 electronic chip memory transistor speed computer 3D CPU processor memristor
The Cell technology, on the other hand, uses multiple Cell processors linked together to run lots of calculations simultaneously. This gives it processing power an order of magnitude above its competitors. ... Each Cell will be linked to the others, creating a vast home network of computing power.


 computer processor cell simultaneous network speed
A vast network of computers is being harnessed to design components for the next generation of silicon chips.


 transistor processor grid
The unique properties of memristors would allow future chips to both store and process data in the same device.


 electronic chip memory transistor speed computer 3D CPU processor memristor Hewlett-Packard
It uses the strange "quantum states" of matter to perform calculations in a way that, if scaled up, could vastly outperform conventional computers. The 6cm-by-6cm chip holds nine quantum devices, among them four "quantum bits" that do the calculations. The team said further scaling up to 10 qubits should be possible this year.


 quantum computer quantum physics computer qubit chip processor
Some people like to build their own computers. A smaller number like to modify them to boost the speed of the processor and make them more powerful. Then there is an elite for whom building a modern PC is mere tinkering. Instead, they opt for the much more difficult task of building their own microprocessor from individual components.


 DIY tinker processor CPU computer
IBM has developed a microprocessor which it claims comes closer than ever to replicating the human brain. The system is capable of "rewiring" its connections as it encounters new information, similar to the way biological synapses work. Researchers believe that that by replicating that feature, the technology could start to learn.


 IBM brain synapse neural computing processor computer learning
Intel has developed an accelerator chip capable of running at speeds of one teraflop, equal to one trillion calculations per second.


 Intel processor speed
This is the world's first 22 nanometre product and we'll be delivering about 20% more processor performance using 20% less average power.


 transistor CPU processor 3D energy performance