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Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential, initiated in 1972 by a collaboration between two international non-profits, the Union of International Associations (UIA) and Mankind 2000, is the result of an ambitious effort to collect and present information on the problems humanity is confronted with.
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Many of today's global problems are hangovers from bad, ungenerous decisions at the end of previous conflicts, writes Jeffrey Sachs. This has been a year of great geopolitical anniversaries.
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A claim to have solved one of the most difficult riddles in mathematics has been challenged by scientists. Vinay Deolalikar, a mathematician based at Hewlett-Packard laboratories in California, US, claims to have solved the problem of P vs NP. This has been described as the biggest problem in computer science; it is one of seven Millennium Prize Problems set out by the Clay Mathematics Institute. But maths experts have weighed in to point...


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The Idea Index serves as a tool to educate, network, and help solve problems. As an educational tool, the Index is full of hopeful, exciting ideas and solutions to pressing global problems.
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