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Russian engineers are fighting to save the country's latest mission to Mars. The Phobos-Grunt probe launched successfully but then failed to fire the engine to put it on the correct path to the Red Planet. Russian space agency officials say the craft is currently stuck in an Earth orbit and that engineers have two weeks to correct the fault before the probe's batteries run out...


 Phobos moon Russia Mars sample probe orbit
It has been widely acknowledged that self-replicating space-probes (SRPs) could explore the galaxy very quickly relative to the age of the galaxy. An obvious implication is that SRPs produced by extraterrestrial civilizations should have arrived in our solar system millions of years ago, and furthermore, that new probes from an ever-arising supply of civilizations ought to be arriving on a constant basis. The lack of observations of such...


 probe space extraterrestrial life space travel self-replication Fermi Paradox interstellar
Vesta is the only remaining example of the original objects that came together to form the rocky planets, like Earth and Mars, some 4.6 billion years ago.


 asteroid Vesta rock iron core planet Solar System probe
Scientists working on Voyager 1 are receiving further data suggesting the probe is close to crossing into interstellar space.


 particle Voyager probe Solar System interstellar space space travel edge