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A senior American official who spent two months helping the United States' post-war effort in Iraq has strongly criticised reconstruction plans.


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There are two main issues. The first is whether the British and US Governments exaggerated ("sexed up" in the words of one unnamed source) the basic intelligence on Iraq weapons in order to justify a war. The second is whether the intelligence was wrong in itself. There is another but subsidiary issue about a background paper from the UK Government listing Iraqi human rights violations. This was found to have been partly based on...


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US President George W Bush is facing fresh charges that he exaggerated the threat of Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction to win support for the war.


 George Bush Iraq pretext WMD invasion War On Terror
An inquiry opens on Tuesday into whether the UK Government misled parliament on the threat posed by Iraq, as Washington comes under fresh attack for allegedly manipulating evidence.


 War On Terror Iraq invasion USA WMD pretext UK
Ex-cabinet minister Robin Cook has accused Tony Blair's government of "not presenting the whole picture" in the run-up to war with Iraq.


 UK USA invasion Iraq pretext WMD War On Terror
US President George W Bush has said he wants to "know the facts" about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction.


 WMD Iraq invasion USA pretext War On Terror
The CIA official in charge of the search for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq has said no such weapons have so far been found.


 WMD Iraq invasion USA CIA War On Terror pretext
No weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq by the group looking for them, according to a Bush administration source who has spoken to the BBC.


 WMD Iraq invasion USA UK pretext War On Terror
Three dozen mortar shells uncovered in Iraq earlier this month had no chemical agents, the Danish army says.


 WMD USA invasion Iraq War On Terror pretext
US Secretary of State Colin Powell has conceded that Iraq may not have possessed any stocks of weapons of mass destruction before the war last year.


 WMD Iraq pretext War On Terror invasion USA
The US and other Western delegations walked out in protest during a speech by Iran's president at the UN, in which he said most people believed the US government was behind the 9/11 attacks.


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