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The notion of limiting historical study to a roughly 5000-year span, out of a possible few million years of human existence, and of only those few world cultures that left written records, is hardly tenable. It remains a possibility that somewhere between the origins of intelligent humanoids and first preserved artifact, or indeed in the vast periods on the geologic time scale, long before what we call ancient history, there existed...
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However, recent advances in our understanding of evolution are revealing a bigger picture that can, by itself, give meaning to life. This new worldview locates humanity within a much larger evolutionary process that appears to offer us a meaningful role to play. This new understanding of evolution is founded on the recognition that evolution is headed somewhere – it has a trajectory. In particular, evolution on Earth has repeatedly...


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Life on Earth may have begun around 90 million years earlier than scientists had previously thought, a new fossil find suggests.


 emergence of life Earth life evolution prehistoric civilization animal
Tiny, irregularly shaped fossils from South Australia could be the oldest remains of simple animal life found to date.


 prehistoric civilization animal evolution emergence of life
Tiny tubes thought to have been etched into South African rocks by microbes are at least 3.34 billion years old, scientists can confirm.
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Oxygen levels on Earth reached a critical threshold to enable the evolution of complex life much earlier than thought, say scientists.


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In 1960, Dr Frank Drake came up with the Drake Equation - a formula calculating the likelihood of of extraterrestrial intelligence from seven key elements. The figures, approximate as they were, suggested the number of alien civilisations able to communicate with Earth was at least 10,000. But with the recent discovery of microbes which thrive in an arsenic-rich environment, scientists are now contending with the idea that life on Earth...


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