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The world stands accused of double standards in its thirst to end the scourge of international terrorism. Aid donors and relief agencies, a report says, are concentrating increasingly on politically strategic countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. They are neglecting emergencies in poor countries in Africa and elsewhere, according to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. It adds that the developed world spends...


 poverty War On Terror USA invasion Afghanistan Iraq war profiteering strategy
Fears are growing for the future of water supplies in one of Latin America's fastest-growing urban areas - Bolivia's sprawling city of La Paz and its neighbour El Alto. Scientists monitoring the glaciers high in the Andes mountains - a key source of water - say the ice is showing signs of shrinking faster than previously forecast. Faced with a booming population and a combination of glacial retreat and reduced rainfall, the...


 Bolivia La Paz El Alto water glacier migration poverty
For Atsushi Nakanishi, jobless since Christmas, home is a cubicle barely bigger than a coffin — one of dozens of berths stacked two units high in one of central Tokyo’s decrepit “capsule” hotels.


 hotel coffin Japan unemployment poverty crisis
What unites the Vatican, lefties, conservatives, environmentalists, and scientists in a conspiracy of silence? Population.
 overpopulation environment poverty sustainability religion food India
Mobile banking has transformed the way people in the developing world transfer money and now it is poised to offer more sophisticated banking services which could make a real difference to people's lives.


 mobile phone bank Africa poverty
Round the world, women today are having half as many children as their mothers did. And often it is the poorest and least educated women who are in the vanguard.


 woman choice overpopulation poverty revolution
Eight Indian states account for more poor people than in the 26 poorest African countries combined, a new measure of global poverty has found.


 poverty India Africa
One in seven Americans was living in poverty in 2009 with the level of working-age poor the highest since the 1960s.


 USA poverty economy statistics
The United Nations has set up an independent panel to investigate the source of cholera in Haiti. The move comes after accusations that UN peacekeepers from South Asia introduced the disease to the poverty-stricken country.


 cholera United Nations peacekeeper poverty Haiti earthquake
Despite background the 15-year-old girl is already country's number two player and has competed at World Chess Olympiad.


 slum chess girl child intelligence poverty Uganda
A thief who climbed into a Bristol clothes recycling skip had to be rescued by firefighters after his exploits were caught on CCTV.


 clothes theft incredible poverty UK video