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A US study has indicated that younger internet users are losing interest in blogging and switching to shorter and more mobile forms of communication.


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Your online traces are helping fuel a revolution in the understanding of human behaviour – one that's revealing the mathematical laws of our lives. Every move you make, every twitter feed you update, somebody is watching you. You may not think twice about it, but if you use a social networking site, a cellphone or the internet regularly, you are leaving behind a clear digital trail that describes your behaviour, travel patterns, likes...


 social network behaviour popular mathematics prediction big brother future social control sociology
New research suggests that buying organic food can make people feel better, even before they eat any of it.


 diet nutrition health food organic natural fad fashion trend popular belief psychology placebo
While scholars have made great strides in formulating theories and measuring public attention, “Most Important Problem” and media-based indicators are less than ideal measures. In order to address this shortcoming, this paper borrows from healthcare epidemiology to measure public attention based on internet search trends. In doing so, it reviews the innovative ways in which scientists have used search activity to track the spread of...


 popular search engine attention trend statistics
Former Wikileaks members are launching a whistle-blowing site after criticising the running of the original. Wikileaks has published a series of secret documents including cables between US and foreign ministries.


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PCs are going the way of typewriters, vinyl records and vacuum tubes, one of the engineers who worked on the original machine has said.


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