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Ancient seaweed that have been found growing in the deep sea are "living fossils", researchers have reported. The two types of seaweed, which grow more than 200m underwater, represent previously unrecognised ancient forms of algae, say the scientists. As such, the algae could belong to the earliest of all known green plants, diverging up to one billion years ago from the ancestor of all such plants.


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More than 35,000 new species of flowering plants may be lying undiscovered in cupboards around the world, it is claimed. Botanists looked at how long it takes for new species collected in the field to be identified, and found it often took decades. They concluded that of the 70,000 flowering plants that experts believe are yet to be found, over half may already be in collections, awaiting identification.


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Are You Being Controlled ... By Corn? What if humans are all just pawns in a clever strategy game masterminded by corn? In this video, author Michael Pollan asks you to see things from a plant's-eye view -- to consider the possibility that nature isn't opposed to culture, and that biochemistry rivals intellect as a survival tool. By merely shifting your perspective, perhaps you can help heal the Earth.
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This would enable plants to absorb more light to photosynthesise, using their star's light to convert carbon dioxide into organic compounds.


 dark light astrobiology plant planet extraterrestrial life
Plant height rather than seed mass is a better predictor of how far seeds will be dispersed.


 height plant seed dispersal multiplication
Genetically identical forest trees raised in different environments react differently when exposed to drought conditions


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When a plant is under attack it releases a gas which warns neighbouring plants to protect themselves.


 plant communication gas danger attack language
A gene that triggers plants to become dormant at night and controls flowering has been discovered by scientists.


 genetics plant circadian rhythm sleep
Scientists in Russia have grown plants from fruit stored away in permafrost by squirrels over 30,000 years ago.


 seed plant freeze hibernation
It alters birdsong and can make it difficult for some predators to hunt, and now it seems that man-made noise also affects plants.


 noise sound growth plant tree
MicroRNAs from common plant crops such as rice and cabbage can be found in the blood and tissues of humans and other plant-eating mammals, according to a study published today in Cell Research. One microRNA in particular, MIR168a, which is highly enriched in rice, was found to inhibit a protein that helps removes low-density lipoprotein (LDL) from the blood, suggesting that microRNAs can influence gene expression across kingdoms.


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