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... researchers said they could not rule out the possibility that long-term use may raise the risk of cancer.


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Dutch artist Johan van der Dong has set up a local telephone number in the Netherlands, where he urges people to leave messages for God on his answering machine. Van der Dong said he set up the number to give people an opportunity to take pause and contemplate life.


 Netherlands God phone
In the late 1880s as the telephone began to move into homes for the first time subscribers were being offered a variety of services including live opera, music from the theatre and news services. Britain, France, Hungary and the US were the main countries developing the telephone as a form of early broadcast medium - rather like a radio station.


 phone entertainment history 19 iPhone music broadcast
The Onion posted a funny video about an imaginary Google service that whispers targeted ads into users' ears. The main benefit of the service is that it lowers the cost a phone, but the ads aren't very subtle.


 Google whisper advertisement phone free