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A US scientist has had all his DNA screened for genes which predict the diseases he may develop in later life.


 DNA genome sequencing medicine personal future risk
A startup is developing a new and potentially much cheaper sequencing technology based on microfluidics.


 genome DNA personal genetics
Today, Google's search engine has a lot of features that clutter the interface and advanced search features that can't be disabled. The focus has shifted from simplicity to interactivity. Google tries to anticipate your query after typing a few characters, you can filter the results by clicking on an option from the sidebar and you can even preview the results using annotated screenshots. Until a few years ago, Google tried to...


 Google search personal
I published all of my known genetic data as open source and released all my rights to the data. I’m proud to be the first person in the world to commit my genetic data into a decentralized source control system under a public domain license. The initial reactions that I received when I told some of my friends that I was going to do this was a combination of shock and skepticism.


 genetics information open source genome personal privacy DNA health identity philosophy
Twitter has complained about changes made by Google to integrate its social network Google+ into search results. The new feature, called Search plus Your World, will automatically push results from Google+ up the search rankings.


 Twitter Google+ personal search engine social network