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The US and the Taliban have signed an agreement aimed at paving the way towards peace in Afghanistan after more than 18 years of conflict. The US and its Nato allies have agreed to withdraw all their troops from the country within 14 months if the militants uphold the deal.
 Afghanistan peace Taliban USA
The FBI has demanded Facebook unlock all accounts to aid its fight against terrorism. The American law enforcement agency has been engaged in a long-running battle with Apple for it to unlock the phone of a terrorist and now is trying a similar approach with another tech giant.
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"Water wars are coming!" the newspaper headlines scream. It seems obvious; rivalries over water have been the source of disputes since humans settled down to cultivate food. Even our language reflects these ancient roots: "rivalry" comes from the Latin rivalis, or "one using the same river as another". As the number of international river basins and impact of water scarcity has grown, so do the warnings that...


 war environment water interdependence peace
This spring, the 62-year-old retired schoolteacher decided to travel to Iraq as a human shield. To many she is a humanitarian, but in the eyes of the US Government she is a criminal.


 human shield Iraq peace activism war War On Terror USA invasion
More than 50,000 Americans converged on the National Mall in the centre of Washington, in one of the biggest protests since the build-up for war began. The most popular chant was "No War For Oil". The crowds carried placards saying "Regime Change Starts at Home" and "Would Jesus Bomb Them?"


 Iraq war peace War On Terror invasion USA activism protest
The number of web defacements has leapt up since the US-led war against Iraq began.


 Iraq website hacking war War On Terror peace activism invasion USA
Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Baghdad after Friday prayers, to protest against what they see as a foreign occupation of their country.


 Iraq protest peace War On Terror invasion USA
International law is seen by many to have been shunted aside by Western powers when launching their most significant military operations in the past decade.


 peace war pre-emptive illegal law NATO imperialism colonialism
Nato's top commander in Afghanistan has said increased troop levels could bring a negotiated peace with the Taliban. US Gen Stanley McChrystal told the UK's Financial Times newspaper that there had been "enough fighting". He said a political solution in all conflicts was "inevitable". His remarks came as the top UN envoy in Kabul said it was time to talk to the militants.


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Former chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix has answered Tony Blair's '2010 question', which the former prime minister raised at the Iraq inquiry. Speaking on the HARDtalk programme, Blix explained why Blair is wrong to assume Iraq would have entered an arms race with Iran if the 2003 invasion had not gone ahead.


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