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A New Zealand couple nearly found themselves in a financial hole when their three-year-old daughter bought an earthdigger in an internet auction.


 parenting digger Internet shopping
Shark pups are born with super-sized livers, providing them with nutrients to help them survive early life.


 shark parenting liver
Children should be allowed to get dirty, according to scientists who have found being too clean can impair the skin's ability to heal.


 bacteria toread hygiene clean child health parenting
Being lavished with affection by your mum as a young child makes you better able to cope with the stresses and strains of adult life.


 love emotion parenting child resilience
Discus fish are surprisingly attentive parents, scientists have found. The colourful little creatures are known to feed their offspring with a nutritious mucus on their skin.
 fish parenting toread
When Facebook was entirely dominated by people under the age of 25, things were simple. But now an important social question has arisen - should you "friend" your child, or accept a parent as a "friend"?


 Facebook friend social network culture parenting privacy child