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The pilot of a single-engine airplane safely ditched off the island of Hawaii on Sunday (January 25) after realizing he was running out of fuel.The unidentified pilot of the Cirrus SR-22 put out a distress call in the afternoon to the Hawaii National Guard,
 air travel safety parachute landing airplane
A US soldier on his first skydive has landed safely despite the death of his instructor during the descent.
 parachute skydiving death
Russia's next-generation manned space vehicle might be equipped with thrusters to perform a precision landing on its return to Earth. If accepted, it would be the first time that a manned vehicle relied solely on rocket engines for touchdown. Previous manned missions have landed on Earth using a parachute or, in the case of space shuttles, a pair of wings.


 landing space Russia rocket parachute
The Austrian extreme sportsman Felix Baumgartner says his next goal is to try to break the long-standing record for the highest ever parachute jump.


 parachute base-jumping balloon adventure
An Argentinian pilot had a miraculous escape when his aerobatic plane fell out of the ai


 airplane wing parachute incredible
A Belgian court has begun trying a woman accused of murdering her love rival by sabotaging her parachute on a sky dive.


 murder parachute Belgium incredible
A spectacular image of the Curiosity rover descending to the surface of Mars on its parachute has been obtained by an overflying satellite.


 parachute rover Mars
A stuntman is thought to have become the first person to jump out of a helicopter and land safely without deploying a parachute.
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