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A new Leonardo da Vinci portrait may have been discovered after a fingerprint found on it seemed similar to another discovered on his work.
 fingerprint dactyloscopy Leonardo Da Vinci painting toread
Art experts think they may have found the world's oldest painting to feature an image of a watch. The Science Museum is investigating the 450-year-old portrait, thought to be of Cosimo I de Medici, Duke of Florence, holding a golden timepiece.


 history watch time painting
A simple method to distinguish artistic fakes and imitations has been demonstrated by researchers. The approach, known as "sparse coding", builds a virtual library of an artist's works and breaks them down into the simplest possible visual elements.


 art painting analysis fake statistics
The function of these images in illuminated manuscripts has no small bearing on the hypertext analogy. These “miniatures” (so named not because they were small—often they were not—but because they used red ink, or vermillion, the Latin word for which is minium) did not generally function as illustrations of something in the written text, but in reference to something beyond it. The patron of the volume might be shown receiving the...


 hypertext Internet medieval pointer writing communication literature painting history
The theft of a Vincent Van Gogh painting worth about $50m from a Cairo museum on Saturday has been blamed on poor security.


 Cairo alarm security painting Vincent Van Gogh Egypt theft
A court battle is fought over whether a painting is fake, a drawing said to be Warhol is disputed, but is there ever a case for cherishing the fake and the forged?


 art painting fake copy original value uniqueness