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It is time the United Nations remembered its historic role in campaigning against global overpopulation. There was a time when the UN used to champion female emancipation, education, family planning and all the real solutions to the world's excessive and intolerable population boom. It is time the world's leaders had the wisdom and courage once again to talk the fundamental issue, rather than babbling about our diet. It's...


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Overpopulation is the only problem. If we had 100 million people on Earth — or better, 10 million — no others would be a problem. (Current estimates put the planet’s population at more than six billion.) ... Overpopulation means that we are putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than we should, just because more people are doing it and this is related to overconsumption by people in general, especially in the ‘developed’ world.


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Experts have a stark warning: that unless we change course, the "perfect storm" of population growth, dwindling resources and climate change has the potential to converge in the next century with catastrophic results.


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Some of America’s leading billionaires have met secretly to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population and speed up improvements in health and education.


Thousands of couples in India who agreed to put off having babies for at least two years after their wedding will collect cash payments this month as health officials attempt to curb the country's rapidly growing population.


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Contraception advice is crucial to poor countries' battle with climate change, and policy makers are failing their people if they continue to shy away from the issue, a leading family planning expert said on Friday. Leo Bryant, a lead researcher on a World Health Organisation study on population growth and climate change, said the stigma attached to birth control in both developing and developed countries was hindering vital progress.


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Conventional maps show the shape of a country according to its land mass. But what if you drew a map according to where people lived?
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Half the babies born this year will live to 100, it has been reported. But how does that square with predictions about the health effects of obesity and other modern-day perils.


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Global population growth is looming as a bigger threat to the world's food production and water supplies than climate change, a leading scientist says.


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The world's biggest time-bomb? Overpopulation, say the billionaires.