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It's the great taboo of environmentalism: the size and growth of the human population. It has a profound impact on all life on Earth, yet for decades it has been conspicuously absent from public debate.


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The population of the Gaza Strip increased by almost 40% between 1997 and 2007, according to the results of a Palestinian census.


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The focus is rather on the attitude promoted by religion to the unconstrained increase in the human population -- and its fairly direct exacerbation of many major problems. Deliberate efforts by organized religion to associate spiritual aspiration with this agenda is part of the problem.


The UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are "difficult or impossible to meet" without curbing population growth, a UK parliamentary group says. It concludes that a high birth rate in poor nations contributes to poor health and education and environmental damage. The global population is forecast to reach about nine billion by 2050.


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Emergency-management personnel are calling the population explosion that ripped through this already densely populated coastal city last week "an unparalleled natural disaster" and fear the mounting life toll will only grow as tiny bodies are discovered among the human wreckage.


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The global population is higher than the Earth can sustain, argues the Director of the British Antarctic Survey in the first of a series of environmental opinion pieces on the BBC News website entitled The Green Room. Solving environmental problems such as climate change is going to be impossible without tackling the issue, he says.


 environment overpopulation sustainability
More humanity with fewer humans. ... The Club of Ten Million wishes slowly but with certainty to return to Ten Million inhabitants in the Netherlands.
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Women in the developing world now give birth to fewer than four children on average, according to a major United Nations study on fertility. The average number of births has fallen from 5.9 children in the 1970s to 3.9 in the 1990s, it says. In 20 countries, births have now fallen beneath the number needed to maintain current population levels. The UN Population Division's World Fertility Report says improved contraception is behind...


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The United Nations has published new predictions on the size and age of the world's population 300 years from now. Its medium-case scenario forecasts a rise from the current 6.3 billion people to around 9 billion in 2300. One startling projection based on present fertility levels is for 134 trillion inhabitants - although the UN concedes this is an impossible outcome.


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By 2050, India is predicted to have overtaken China as the world's most populous nation. In an already overcrowded world, richer countries are being asked to share responsibility for the problem of this population explosion, which to a large extent is due to poverty.


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India is set to overtake China as the world's most populous nation by 2050, while some countries will shrink by nearly 40%, according to new research. The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) says the next half century will see wild swings in population sizes. It predicts that the number of people on Earth will reach 9.3bn by 2050, compared with 6.3bn today. Britain's population is likely to overtake that of France, while the US...


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Parents who have more than two children are "irresponsible" for placing an intolerable burden on resources and increasing damage to eco-systems.


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Pope Benedict XVI, who is making his first papal visit to Africa, has said that handing out condoms is not the answer in the fight against HIV/Aids. The pontiff, who preaches marital fidelity and abstinence, said the practice only increased the problem.


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There are already too many people living on Planet Earth, according to one of most influential science advisors in the US government.