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The team is now working to grow organs including hearts using the technique.


 genetics organ medicine bladder heart
There will be an independent review after the NHS transplant authority confirmed 21 cases in which the wrong organs may have been taken from donors.


 UK transplant bureaucracy organ donation
The results showed that as BMI increased, brain volume decreased - a finding that has been reported in other studies. But the findings also showed a closer connection between abdominal fat and the risk of dementia. The link between visceral fat around the central organs and smaller brain volume was independent of overall weight.


 obesity weight dementia Alzheimer's organ visceral fat brain
When Reddien and Petersen turned off the Smed-βcatenin-1 gene they discovered that a flatworm will regenerate a head at any amputation site. In fact, if the scientists made six incisions in the side of the worm’s body, the worm would regrow six new heads. The human implications of this research are enticing. Engineering a person’s body to replace damaged or diseased cells, tissues, organs, or even limbs is one possibility. This would be...


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