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A gaming service that aims to kill off the traditional gaming console will begin streaming popular games over the internet in June this year.


 game Internet online
Microsoft has unleashed its latest weapon in its ongoing battle with Google. The software giant has launched its flagship product Office 2010, aimed at businesses and home users. The latest version of the software has a free online component - called Office Web Apps.


 Microsoft Office Google Docs free online
The most popular e-petition on the No 10 website is one calling for convicted rioters to lose benefit payments.


 petition voting online Internet e-democracy UK riot
After 244 years reference book firm Encyclopaedia Britannica has decided to stop publishing its famous and weighty 32-volume print edition.


 Encyclopaedia Britannica print online Internet tradition book
This autumn more than a million students are going to take part in an experiment that could re-invent the landscape of higher education. Some of the biggest powerhouses in US higher education are offering online courses - testing how their expertise and scholarship can be brought to a global audience.


 education USA course online Internet