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We already have iris and fingerprint scanning but noses could be an even better method of identification.


 nose identification pattern toread
For relief, sufferers need only wait for a call on their mobile phone. The sound is supposed to dislodge pollen if the user holds the handset up to their nose.


 Japan mobile phone sound health allergy hay fever pseudoscience superstition nose pollen therapy ringtone
A new species of leech, discovered by an international team of scientists, has a preference for living up noses. Researchers say the leech can enter the body orifices of people and animals to attach itself to mucous membranes.


 nose leech parasite Amazon Peru blood
The theory that our sense of smell has its basis in quantum physics events is gaining traction.


 smell physics brain quantum physics nose sensor protein odour vibration
The sense of smell can be improved through training, a study on rats suggests. The study also suggests if we do not use our sense of smell, we begin to lose it.


 smell olfaction nose brain training rat