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The European rocket launch site in French Guiana may have become the world's most important commercial satellite spaceport, but Sue Nelson finds that its boom is alienating the locals.


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In a future world without aeroplanes, children would gather at the feet of old men, and hear extraordinary tales of a mythic time when vast and complicated machines the size of several houses used to take to the skies and fly high over the Himalayas and the Tasman Sea.


 airplane philosophy poetry flight aviation travel journey pilgrim change speed jet lag noise pollution sky Alain de Botton distance
A woman has been remanded in custody accused of breaching an Asbo banning her from being noisy during sex. ... Earlier this month she was given a four-year Asbo banning her from making excessive noise anywhere in England.


 sex beach incredible noise
There are five billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide and advances in wireless technology make it increasingly difficult to escape the influence of mobile devices. But while most Americans seem to embrace continuous connectivity, some believe it's making them physically ill.


 radiation mobile phone electromagnetic noise health
It alters birdsong and can make it difficult for some predators to hunt, and now it seems that man-made noise also affects plants.


 noise sound growth plant tree