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The ads claim "Washington wants to spend billions to take over the internet" and urges the public to help stop the "Washington takeover".


 USA Internet control net neutrality
Google and Verizon suggest treating fixed line services differently to wireless and some specialised content. This would allow net providers to give priority to certain online traffic. Protesters outside the famed Googleplex said this would create a "pay-to-play" service and urged Google to live up to its famous motto "don't be evil". "Companies like Google have benefited from a free and open internet and...


 Google net neutrality equality Internet Internet access
The conflict between Wikileaks supporters and the companies withdrawing their services from the whistle-blowing website has been dubbed a "cyber war". Activists have targeted firms such as PayPal, Mastercard and Visa for their opposition to the site's publication of thousands of secret US diplomatic messages. But there are fears the online battle could lead to everyday internet use becoming much more heavily regulated.


 WikiLeaks hacking activism freedom Internet net neutrality security
The inventor of the web has said that governments must act to preserve the principle of net neutrality. Sir Tim Berners-Lee told the BBC that legislation may be needed if self-regulation failed.


 net neutrality Tim Berners-Lee Internet freedom business
The Dutch may become the first in Europe to use Skype and other web-based services on smartphones for no extra charge.


 Netherlands net neutrality Internet mobile phone communication equality law