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When you use Google Maps Navigation, your phone automatically gets the most up-to-date maps -- and live traffic data, street view, satellite view, etc!


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Shares in sat-nav device companies have fallen substantially after Google unveiled its free live sat-nav for mobiles on Wednesday. US firm Garmin fell 18% after details of Google Maps Navigation were revealed. Dutch firm TomTom fell 9.5% when markets closed on Thursday.


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Smartphones with GPS and talking map applications are increasingly competing with sat-nav devices, experts say. In response Garmin and TomTom, two major players in the sat-nav industry, have joined the smartphone market.


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We found that using landmarks in directions helps for two simple reasons: they are easier to see than street signs and they are easier to remember than street names. Spotting a pink building on a corner or remembering to turn after a gas station is much easier than trying to recall an unfamiliar street name. Sometimes there are simply too many signs to look at, and the street sign drowns in the visual noise. A good landmark always stands...


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Researchers say the Sun is awakening after a period of low activity, which does not bode well for a world ever more dependent on satellite navigation. The Sun's irregular activity can wreak havoc with the weak sat-nav signals we use.


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But Glonass is also vital for national security, he added, so that America does not deliberately alter or blur Russia's GPS signal - for instance, during a military conflict. One of the times such allegations surfaced was during the Russia-Georgia war in August 2008.


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Software developed by the researchers helps a computer keep a car within a lane on a highway while staying aware of other lanes and vehicles travelling alongside. It can even read road signs.


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To add to the authenticity of the voyage the adventurers are trying to get close to the provisions which Captain Bligh had on board - ship biscuits, pork, over 100 litres of water and six bottles of wine. Like Bligh, they will not be using any modern-day navigational systems such as charts, compass or lights.


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