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Members of the Cherokee Nation of native Americans have voted to revoke tribal citizenship for descendants of black slaves the Cherokees once owned.


 USA native American Cherokee racism slavery
Some 300 people, descendants of a Native American people in west Canada, still speak Nuuchahnulth. ... there are also some concepts that can be encapsulated in a single syllable. A single sound describes the state of remaining in seclusion when the husband goes out to hunt, for example.


 language native American Canada Nuuchahnulth
Avatar, James ­Cameron's blockbusting 3D film, is both profoundly silly and profound. It's ­profound because, like most films about aliens, it is a metaphor for contact between different human cultures. But in this case the metaphor is conscious and precise: this is the story of European engagement with the native peoples of the Americas. It's profoundly silly because engineering a happy ending demands a plot so stupid and...


 America native American Inca Aztec Columbus genocide history
A flag carried by Lt Col George Armstrong Custer and his 7th Cavalry troops into their last stand at the Battle of Little Bighorn has been sold at auction for $2.2m.


 Little Bighorn flag history USA Sioux Cheyenne native American invasion
It was back in 2001 that the narrative for America's hunt for the al-Qaeda leader became strewn with Wild West imagery. George W Bush's call for Bin Laden to be caught "dead or alive" mimicked the posters of the old Hollywood westerns, while borderland Pakistan became the Old West reincarnated in the minds of many commentators. Bin Laden was referred to by one as a "21st-Century Geronimo, trying to elude the US...


 Geronimo Osama bin Laden USA Apache native American Wild West George W. Bush resistance
A self-help author is facing two years in prison for the deaths of three people at an Arizona "sweat lodge".


 spiritual sweat fasting USA native American death