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They are the new secret weapon of the US Border Patrol: toe-tapping ballads with Spanish lyrics that tell of the risks of trying to cross illegally into the US from Mexico.


 USA Mexico immigration music lyrics ballad
Guitar Tricks - the Fast, Easy, and Effective Way to Learn Guitar
 music guitar education
... suggests that the playing of music was common as far back as 40,000 years ago when modern humans spread across Europe.
 music flute Neanderthal evolution human archaeology
A given song "S" is represented by a vector containing approximately 150 genes. Each gene corresponds to a characteristic of the music, for example, gender of lead vocalist, level of distortion on the electric guitar, type of background vocals, etc. Rock and pop songs have 150 genes, rap songs have 350, and jazz songs have approximately 400. Other genres of music, such as world and classical, have 300-500 genes. The system...
Na festivale Pohoda zhodila počas koncertu búrka O2 stan, v ktorom sa nachádzali stovky ľudí. Podľa svedkov si incident vyžiadal jedného mŕtveho a desiatky zranených, ktorých momentálne ošetrujú zdravotníci.


 Pohoda festival music Slovakia
One person has died after a giant tent collapsed on a crowd of concert goers at Slovakia's biggest music festival.


 Slovakia music festival wind
Playing a certain type of music can enhance the way wine tastes, research by psychologists suggests.


 music wine taste perception beauty