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Egyptian archaeologists have found more than 20 mummies in a burial chamber dating back at least 2,600 years. ... Some 70% of Egypt's ancient monuments remain buried.


 ancient Egypt mummy
The head of a Ghanaian king executed by Dutch colonists in the 1830s is to be returned to its homeland for burial. Badu Bonsu II, leader of the Ashanti tribe, is believed to have been decapitated in retaliation for the killing of two Dutch emissaries. ... Ghana had said the king would not be at rest if the head remained where it was.


 Africa mummy Dutch Ghana Ashanti head decapitation colonialism
Egyptologists say they have identified the 3,000-year-old mummy of Hatshepsut, Egypt's most powerful female ruler.


 ancient Egypt mummy female
An ancient Egyptian mummy thought to be that of Pharaoh Ramses I has returned home after more than 140 years in North American museums.


 ancient Egypt mummy
Scientists in Egypt say they may have discovered the mummy of Queen Nefertiti, one of the most famous figures of ancient Egypt.


 Nefertiti mummy ancient Egypt tomb
04-07-2004, no, je to trosku prifarbene! altajci sa s rusmi hadaju uz niekolko rokov akademgorodok v rusku im ju nevrati a navyse tu mumiu (velmi poskodili, ked ju skumali, ked prisla do kontaktu so vzduchom altajci ju chcu pochovat a altajske muzeum zas vystavit, ale nikdy sa im nepodari postavit ten skleneny sarkofag, pretoze na to nemaju peniaze, to malinke muzeum je v zufalom stave, ale riaditelka ma predstavu, ze postavi sarkofag za...


 culture anthropology Siberia mummy
Fossil hunters have uncovered the remains of a dinosaur that has much of its soft tissue still intact.


 genetics dinosaur mummy fossil genome reconstruction cloning
Hardening of the arteries has been found in Egyptian mummies - suggesting that the risk factors for heart disease may be ancient, researchers say.


 artery ischemic heart ancient Egypt mummy health toread
A species of bee in Australia has found a gruesome way to deal with a parasitic interloper that can damage its hives.


 Australia bee mummy
Archaeologists in Egypt have said they have discovered the largest known tomb in the ancient necropolis of Sakkara, to the south of Cairo. The tomb dates back 2,500 years to the 26th Dynasty and contains important artefacts, including mummified eagles.


 ancient Egypt tomb eagle mummy archaeology
Researchers have used X-ray techniques to uncover the cause of death of a 700-year-old Italian saint. Santa Rosa - who died when she was 18 or 19 years old - was most likely killed by a blood clot in the heart, say the Italian research team.


 Catholic heart mummy blood clot death history saint
He was thought to be the oldest man in Tokyo - but when officials went to congratulate Sogen Kato on his 111th birthday, they uncovered mummified skeletal remains lying in his bed.


 mummy Japan Buddhism death ageing incredible
Mummies of the World features a never-before-seen collection of 150 human and animal mummies and related artifacts from five continents.


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