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Dozens of motorcyclists' lives could be saved every year if air bag jackets were made compulsory, accident and emergency doctors have said. The jackets are the equivalent of car air bags and inflate if the rider is thrown off during a crash. ... Although motorcyclists make up just 1% of road users, they account for 20% of fatalities.


 crash motorcycle airbag jacket safety
The world's first purpose-built hydrogen-powered bike could be fitted with an artificial "vroom" because of worries its silence might be dangerous.


 travel energy motorcycle hydrogen sound transport silence stealth
A man has been bludgeoned to death by a group of Australian motorcycle gang members in full view of dozens of people at Sydney airport.


 Australia murder motorcycle gang
Battery-powered motor scooters are popping up in cities right across China. But in Guilin, they have been given an extra boost by the decision of the local authority to stop issuing licences for conventional motorbikes, which were sullying the city's green reputation with their pollution and noise.


 scooter motorcycle China bicycle electricity environment
he Honduran Congress has voted to ban motorcyclists from riding with passengers in a bid to curb a spate of drive-by killings.


 Honduras crime motorcycle passenger