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Infidelity may be natural according to studies that show nine out of 10 mamals and birds that mate for life are unfaithful. Experts found animals that fool around are only following the urges of biology. New studies using genetic testing techniques show that even the most apparently devoted of partners often go in search of the sexual company of strangers. Females stray to gather the best possible genes for their offspring, while males are...


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Long-term relationships are fundamentally dishonest. And it's all the fault of females. Scientists claim that monogamous relationships among many species, including humans, only persist because females have found a way to disguise whether they are fertile. The researchers claim that by offering sex anytime, but no clues as to whether they will conceive, females trick males into hanging round for a long time. The evolution of this...


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A single gene can turn the Don Juan of voles into an attentive home-loving husband, Nature magazine has reported. By altering the small animal's brain hormone chemistry, scientists have made a promiscuous meadow vole faithful - just like its prairie vole cousin. The researchers think this will lead to a greater understanding of how social behaviour is controlled in humans.


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In sociobiology and behavioral ecology, a mating system is any of the ways in which animal societies are structured in relation to sexual behavior. The mating system specifies which males mate with which females under which circumstances. For organisms such as plants, that do not necessarily have males and females, mating system is used to refer to the degree to which individuals are self fertilizing or outcrossing.
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The first monogamous amphibian has been discovered living in the rainforest of South America.


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